Refurbishments Facility

OKA Parts Australia has a fully equipped workshop that includes all the tools of the trade and also the specialist tools to complete your re-furb.



We can weld for various differing applications including Mig and Tig, allowing us to carry out such things as chassis extensions with engineering, by a qualified boilermaker. 


We can have structural alterations carried out to a certified engineered solution as long as it meets current Australian Design Rules.

Rust Treatment

During the original production of the OKA, the skins where applied in a way that allowed the duragal surface and the Zincanneal surfaces to be in contact with each other. This was due to the requirement to keep production costs down. Whilst epoxy bonding agents where used the panels where also spot welded causing the burning of the bonding agent and the contact between surfaces.

When cab and module skins loose the bond between the skin and the frame, moisture is drawn into the joint compromising the 2 surfaces and setting up electrolysis, and then rusting occurs at an accelerated state.

Our preparation includes the treatment, containment and removal of rust, then the application of epoxy primer to the frame prior to the application of the new skins. This ensures that the 2 surfaces do not have contact.


We offer a cold bonding solution with or without rivets that ensures durability and piece of mind that rust won’t be an issue long after the original OKA specification. 

We can re-skin your project to NT spec, that includes 1 piece roves, with options on riveted or glued options available. 


We can prepare and Paint your project from both an in house ability and outsourcing locally as required.

How far do you need us to Go?

We can offer a tailored approach to your refurb , where we will do what you don’t want too and hand it back to you as a going concern.

How much is a re-furb?

We will scope and spec your requirements then quote a firm price in writing, detailing each section of the project so that you can choose what you want to include and leave out. 

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