• Intercooling delivers up to 20 Horse Power given the right conditions.
  • 25 mm suspension bush pins.
  • NT spec leaf springs all round.
  • LT/NT suspension double shock absorber stations.
  • NT spec rear forward suspension station for early XT owners.
  • TRW Steering box Conversion, for XT Owners.
  • Air-conditioning Upgrade, (currently being researched)
  • Clutch activation arm upgrade, XT.
  • Clutch plate update.
  • NP 205 Shaft upgrade for XT.
  • LT Frontend Kit for XT.
  • LT Dash Upgrade for XT
  • Headlight upgrade.
  • Wheel and tire upgrade.
  • Diff and axle upgrades
  • Engine upgrades, 6BT 
  • A complete rebuild with 6 Cylinder 6BT, RSeries


If you would like us to look at any improvements that you feel are worthy of consideration please send an email