OKA Parts Australia has purchased all residual parts and components from OKA. 

Moving the parts has given us an opportunity to excise some redundant components and order more relevant stock to have on the shelves.

What we stock

Where parts have become redundant and superseded or are an expensive item we can access the parts or components through our extensive supplier network that have serviced OKA for many years. 


OKA Parts Australia will continue to research and source replacement parts from sources both within Australia and oversees to provide the best value for money solutions to your Truck’s ongoing needs.

Fabricated components

We also have an ability to fabricate components in house that are no longer are manufactured, and we are licenced by OKA to do this as per specification and engineered instruction. Along with the parts we have also secured the relevant jigs, such as seat mounts and door frames and many others.

If it needs replacing we can make it! 

Second Hand components

OKA Parts Australia has some good quality second hand components and can source more as options for replacements.

We can facilitate trades in different module configurations that meet your needs as and when they become available.